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Ok, here's the story. I found a box of my old digital cameras from the late 1990s and early 2000s and - I shit you not - they all still work! Anyhoo, I've been wandering around totally random Seattle neighborhoods and shooting scenes with these seriously sketchy cameras. I'm just really digging the old school vibes of these images. I've been making quite deliberate composition and editing choices for this series that I call CIRCA 1990s AD. I'm going for images that look like your dad shot them after one too many beers at the family BBQ. After shooting these scenes, I head back to my studio in Seattle's SODO district and throw them into Photoshop where I painstakingly (that's right, I said painstakingly) edit them for even more of a 1990s vibe. I'm not sure where this project is going, but I'm really digging it so far! 

Now, I've done some questionable shit in my life, but I gotta say, this takes the cake. I mean, taking pictures using obviously old cameras in neighborhoods that I don't live in is sure to get me chased down the street by a cranky old man... one hopes! I mean, what a great photo that would make! =) 

Check my Instagram to take a deep dive. 

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