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Critical Research Journal - Entry 6 - Reflective Presentation

Assignment 1: My journey from CEO to conflict photographer, and my current photographic practice going from downtown to downrange.

Fig. 1: Chacon 2016. Self-Portrait as CEO of Doghead Simulations.

Fig. 2: Chacon 2020. Self-Portrait as Photographer with Getty Images.

This week was intense. In fact, that’s probably the understatement of the month. We hit an important milestone as we completed our first 6-week study block. While this week was identified as a “reading week,” it gave us some much-needed time to complete our first assignment, a reflective presentation on our photographic practice. Each of us were tasked with creating a video presentation that explores our past photography, our current photographic practice, and where we see our photography evolving in the future.

This was an interesting introspective experience for me as I was able to deeply inspect what led me to become a photographer, review the photos I’ve taken to date, and think about where I want to be in the future. In fact, something quite interesting has happened to me since starting this MA program. I’ve been evolving beyond my practice as a photographer and into more of a visual artist. It’s something I definitely would not have thought that I’d be evolving into, but I’m quite happy with where I’m going. I’ve never been happier with where my life currently is, and I’m even more excited to keep exploring where I’m now going.

Life is pretty bitchin!

Here is my presentation:

List of Figures:

Figure 1: Mat CHACON. 2016. Self-Portrait as CEO of Doghead Simulations. Private collection: Mat Chacon

Figure 2: Mat CHACON. 2020. Self-Portrait as Photographer with Getty Images. Private collection: Mat Chacon

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