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Immediate Action Medical Occurrence Kit (w/ supplies) for Conflict Photographers

This is our Immediate Action Medical Occurrence Kit (IAM-OK). It's a small, personal medical kit specifically developed for today's conflict photographers. It's filled with medical supplies curated to help you or someone else survive physical injuries typical of a high-risk environment. It’s got everything you need to plug a hole, save a limb, clear pepper spray and cool a burn. It's made to be worn on your belt or attached to your armor plate carrier for ease of access. 


Mindset is everything and so keeping cool under pressure is paramount to survival. That's why we named this the IAM-OK kit. The point is to put yourself in the right frame of mind to survive when the sh*t hits the fan and say to yourself "I AM OK" as you use the items in this Immediate Action Medical Occurrence Kit. 


* This is also a perfect compliment to our IN-PERSON: Urban Conflict Photography training course. Purchase this IAM-OK kit and we'll give you $75 bucks off our 3-day, 2-night IN-PERSON: Urban Conflict Photography training course! 

Immediate Action Medical Occurrence Kit (w/ supplies) for Conflict Photographers

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Color: Dark Olive Green
  • At only $89 bucks, this beast is a bargain. It's pennies compared to what your life is worth... and we all know that your life is worth more than $89 bucks! 

    Included with this Immediate Action Medical Occurence Kit (IAM-OK) are exactly the items needed to increase your chances of getting yourself or someone else out of the soup sandwich and into proper medical care:

    • Medical Pouch (7 inches wide, 5.5 inches tall, 2.4 inches deep) with MOLLE webbing and attachments, velcro "tear away" panel, dual zippers, and internal pouches. Made from extremely durable and tested 1000 Denier nylon fabric. 
    • 1 x small velcro medic cross patch
    • 1 x pair of latex medical gloves
    • 1 x compressed gauze
    • 1 x CAT tourniquet
    • 1 x medical shears
    • 2 x chem lights
    • 1 x chest seal for chest wound 
    • 1 x mylar survival blanket
    • 1 x Israeli bandage compressive combat dressing 
    • 1 x black permanent marker 
    • 1 x small roll of duct tape 
    • 1 x 24 inch length of paracord 
    • 4 x large safety pins 
    • 3 x burn cream tubes or 1 x aloe vera tube
    • 1 x small plastic tube of saline solution (to wash pepper spray from eyes) 
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