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These are TWO INDIVIDUAL, LARGE canvas prints. Each print is 36 inches tall x 24 inches wide. 


I photographed a bullet from an AK-47 (a 7.62x39 round), and embellished everything with graffiti. No matter what conflict zone I happen to be working in around the world, the AK-47 is in all of them. It is a bringer and destroyer of freedom, and the most prevalent weapon on the battlefield. There is no doubt in my mind that the AK-47 has altered human history forever, and even more than nuclear weapons. 


Regardless of where I happen to be photographing, I keep encountering one inescapable reality: This world needs only one thing... more love. That is the reason I created these two prints. 


* These are two individual, large canvas prints.


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  • These are TWO LARGE, INDIVIDUAL museum quality canvas prints stretched over custom built wood frames.

    Each print is 36 inches tall X 24 inches wide. Both come signed by Mr. Mateo Chacon, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. 



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