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This is my social commentary on the exalted consumerism, and blatant celebration of ignorance that we all experience in our current reality of information overload. People are taking and sharing more images than ever before in human history, yet we’re ignoring the stories that are right in front of us. We doom scroll through the social media feeds of complete strangers online, peering into their compulsive psychosis, egocentric irresponsibility, and self-merchandising that borders on the psychopathic. We’re training our brains to immediately swipe left, right and click, click, click, as we seek instant gratification from people we’ll likely never know. We encourage algorithms to track our every movement for the sole benefit of selling us more things we don’t need and feed us a steady stream of messaging that is as genuine and authentic as a beer commercial. We’ve learned to value the wrong things, behaviors, and people. We’ve forgotten how to focus and be thoughtful. Instead, we’re actively ignoring the reality of our daily lives and the world events and actions that are destroying our environment and promoting unsustainable consumption. We blindly accept the messages, and imagery put before us. It is my goal in this exhibition to encourage the viewer to question the so-called authorities and the messaging they’re feeding us. To do this, I’ve enhanced my photography with graffiti and social media emojis that grab the viewer’s attention and force them to be more intellectually honest and emotionally truthful, and simply ask, “Why?”

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