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The Photojournalist Field Bag (in Waxed Canvas)

If Indiana Jones and Dickey Chapelle had an illegitimate love child, that kid would be the world's baddest ass photojournalist and rocking this bag for sure! This is a weather resistant, waxed canvas bag purposely built for today's photographers. It's got everything you need for running and gunning in the field and will keep your kit safe while you kick back with beers and regale the bar with tales of your feats of photojournalistic strength. 


The Photojournalist Field Bag (in Waxed Canvas)

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  • This bag was built for bidniz! If you're a 4 at life, this bag will make you a top 10! It's deliberately poor on being lame and meticulously feature rich. Check it out: 

    • Waxed canvas shoulder bag, dual stitched with leather trim, leather straps and brass closures (14 inches wide, 4.5 inches deep, 12 inches tall - the shoulder strap expands to just over 24 inches long). 
    • Fully adjustable canvas, padded shoulder strap that can be removed and used as a camera strap. The shoulder strap can also be removed and wrapped around a sturdy pole, then locked to the bag so that it won't get snatched when you're at the bar. 
    • Locking side pockets large enough to hold the latest smartphone, small water bottle or flask of your favorite Rocky Mountain moonshine sippin hooch. 
    • Two large front pockets that snap shut to hold pens, small notebooks, batteries, chargers, cables or polaroid pictures of your main squeeze. 
    • A large, interior pouch that zips closed at the top for added security. This main pocket is beefy enough to hold your cameras and lenses or a day's worth of clothing. 
    • Inside the main pocket is a weather resistant, padded camera case with removeable panels to stow your cameras and lenses. 
    • One large, interior padded pocket that zips shut inside the main pouch to hold your 13 inch laptop or tablet. 
    • One small, interior pocket that zips shut to hold little bits and bobs like a lens cleaning cloth, lens cap, some cash, sunblock, beard oil, lipstick, eye liner, or your smokes and lighter. Because let's face it, offering someone a free smoke in a conflict zone opens up a lot of doors and calms a lot of nerves. 
    • One large, rear pocket on the back exterior of the bag that velcros shut for quick access to your passport, boarding pass or latest issue of LFI magazine. 
    • Reinforced leather bottom to protect your kit from all the nasty sh*t that's on the ground. 
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